Girls in Egypt don't have full freedom to practice sports whenever and wherever they want. Some families won't allow their girls to practice sports and others girls who practice sports will face a lot of harassment in the streets. There are many stereotypes and many girls will be told that this or that sport is not a 'girly' sport so you should choose something else. I want to address this issue and empower women to practice sports to have a healthy and productive life.

Women and Sports goal is to raise awareness in the Egyptian society that women have the right to do sports whenever and wherever they want without facing any kind of pressure from their families or from the society in general. The project will address families to raise awareness that sports is healthy for women and there is nothing to be ashamed of for their girls to do any kind of sports while also having an environment that does not harass a girl because she is practicing sports. Girls will also be addressed in which they become aware of their basic right to do sports in general as a lifestyle or practicing a sport professionally and making great achievements in it.

Our main goals are:
1. Women and men having equal chances in practicing sports
2. Changing wrong perspectives related to women practicing sports
3. Eliminating harassment in the streets
4. Encouraging women to do sports